Tourist Places in Bodh Gaya Bihar |Bodh Gaya Temple Location ,Tourist Attraction


Bodh Gaya is one of the best tourist Places in Bihar . it is situated nearby Gaya District of Bihar and Bank of Neranjana river  . it is an important pilgrimage for the Buddhist as well as Hindus. As for history here Gautam Siddhartha  achieved Enlightenment (Pali Bodhi) . King of Ashoka was the first built a temple here  . as for tourist attraction, there are many things are available as like Mahabodhi Temple , Bodhi tree , Great Buddha Statue etc .

Best Tourist Attraction in Bodh Gaya 

In Bodh Gaya, Bihar Tourist comes here to see the old Temple of Buddhist religion and many more things . lots of facilities available there with the help of Bihar tourism Department . here you can find best hotels , Restaurant , and many more things available for tourist .here sharing some best tourist attractions in Bodh Gaya .

  • Mahabodhi Temple :- it is situated east of Bodhi tree . one of the best tourist attraction in Bodh Gaya . it looks like Diamond throne . Emperor Ashoka was built Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya .

mahabodhi temple pics , image

  • Bodhi Tree :-Under Bodhi tree Gautam Buddh Achieved Enlightenment . in religious iconography, the bodhi tree recognisable by its  heart-shaped leaves , which are usually prominently displayed .

bodhi tree in bodh gaya

  • Chankramana:- Chankramana is Sacred Spot of Buddha’s Meditative perambulation during the third week after pious enlightenment .

How to Reach Bodh Gaya 

Bodh Gaya Situated Nearby Gaya District and 110 Km away from Patna  . you can visit here through Bus & Train . In Bodh Gaya also available International Airport . it is located 7 Km away from Bodh Gaya .

  • Near Railway Station :- Gaya .
  • Airport :- International Airport Bodh Gaya .




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